June 2000

One Proud Papa!

Our tour began Friday, June 23rd in Raleigh with an exciting flight to Denver….exciting for a great reason. Sarah was our flight attendant on the first leg of our trip. We enjoyed her Raleigh layover visit on Thursday night, never suspecting that we would be on the same flight. As we checked in curbside the attendant mentioned that we would be stopping in Chicago…a direct, not non-stop flight. Lightbulbs came on for the three of us as we realized that we would be on the same flight. Ironically, thinking that we were on a non-stop flight to Denver, Tom had considered several times trying to reroute our flight through Chicago so we could fly with Sarah. Sometimes wishes do come true. That was one proud papa!

Denver Airport

Cleven-Surdahl Family Reunion

Our trip was prompted by the Cleven-Surdahl Family Reunion. Judy and Dan hosted a hungry crew at their home in Lakewood, Colorado; it's great to get together every three years to renew friendships and improve on our stories.

The Clevens & Surdahls
Paul Funkhouser, Les & Helen Cleven,
Maxine & Del Surdahl
The Cleven-Surdahl Cousins

Great food, great fun! Judy and Sherry put it all together.

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