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Big smiles? You betcha! We were enjoying some of our favorite things - family, adventure, photography, and geocaching with waves crashing and sun rays piercing the clouds. What blessings we received on the southern most point of the US on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

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Our garden brings us much joy throughout the year. Visit our Garden Gallery to see the most recent photos of the plants, critters, and birds that share our yard. And stop by any time. Gnomey will give you a tour.

Winter Garden 2004 and 2007
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Welcome to my garden.

We also enjoy visiting beautiful gardens. Our SmugMug Gardens Gallery will give you a glimpse of the beauty.

Why do we like them? Perhaps it's because they're beautiful; maybe it's the serendipity of finding these hidden treasures when we least expect it. Our friend Susan likes them because they grow in such abundance; they're delicate yet sturdy, and they're not "manicured" by people. We hope you enjoy our wildflower photos.

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Both Tom and Ann are known to hang out with cameras. We've started a collection of photos of some of our favorite subjects.

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