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Ann's Web Sites

Grace Lutheran Church Ann worked with a team to develop our church web site and serves as web servant:
STW TEC Share the Word Teens Encounter Christ is a retreat ministry for teens. We have been blessed by this ministry since 1989. Ann developed the site and is the web servant, but no longer maintains it.
Southern CMG Tom gets official credit for this web site because Ann's not a CMG member, but she designed it and manages it. Ann served on the web team for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction from 1999-2001. She participated in the major site re-design that resulted in the current site structure and navigational system. She developed the web site "Focus on Success, North Carolina's Best" to showcase educational success in the state. Unfortunately it has fallen victim to the state budget cuts.
Walnut Creek Wetlands Ann developed this site to showcase a collaborative project with Centennial Campus Middle School, NCSU School of Education and community partners.
Hurricanes and Flooding in Eastern NC Ann developed this site to support educators in eastern NC after the Hurricane Floyd. Collaborators from FEMA, the GIS department at NCSU, and environmental educators also provided content for the site.
Ligon Middle School

This is where Ann got her start...learning from and with middle school students. She is most grateful to all her Ligon colleagues and students for opening this door of creative expression through technology for her.

Ann designed these sites to showcase work Ligon students. Unfortunately the files have been moved to another server, but the links were not updated. If you want to link to a page, click on the link and change the server info to the same indicated on the menu:

  • Ligon History Project - This collaborative experience was a highlight of Ann's teaching career.
  • SciBlast - This after school club is a favorite memory. Students interviewed scientists and then created web sites to share the scientist's research and how they became interested in science as a career.
  • Online Art Exhibits - One of the joys of working at Ligon was publishing online exhibits of the visual art.
  • Ligon Earth Quilt - Ann enjoyed working with the artist-in-residence, the students, and the community in this creative expression that honored Ligon's rich history and explored visions of its future.
  • Monu-MENTAL - Ann's students highlighted North Carolina landmarks in these web sites.
  • Robot Extravaganza, a journey into the future. Ann's students designed and marketed robots. Most created their web pages in Netscape Communicator.
  • As We Were Then, a journey into North Carolina's past. Ann's students wrote historical fiction and included themselves as characters. They took digital pictures and used Photoshop to add their own photo to a period picture that illustrated their story. They created their web pages using Netscape Communicator or coding in Webber.
  • Midlink EZine - Ann was a contributing editor and her students' work was frequently featured in this EZine.
  • The Great Raleigh Trolley Adventure - Sometimes the work is never done. :-) NCSU professor Dr. Candy Beal created this field trip. Ann taught Candy's education students to make simple web pages, and was developing this site. It is still on the "To Complete" list.
  • Earth Moments - a showcase of work done by students in science classes for a Project Tomorrow Grant